International Conference on Aerospace Medicine


Commanding Officer - LtCol. Oliver Dzvonik, PhDr, Csc 


June 15, 16, 2004 

   The International Conference of Aerospace Medicine in Kosice was the first conference of its kind in Slovakia, since the establishment of the Department of Aviation Medicine at the Air Force Military Hospital in Kosice in 1993. At the present time this conference is a priority to the Slovakian Aerospace Medicine with a significant importance to transformation and integration processes into NATO and EU structures. The Slovakian aero-medical specialists, by they own merits, are becoming effective members of a world-wide aero-medical scientific community. Opening Statement by Col. Mikulas Prokop, MD

Topics of the Conference

   Historical, practical and conceptual problems of aerospace medicine
  Clinical aviation medicine, aero medical standards and rules, aero medical selection of aviation
   personnel Practice and problems with application of JAR aero medical rules.
  Air transport: long haul flights issues and high capacity airplanes .
  Air transport and sickness.
  Environmental effects on health of people.
  Aviation psychology and human factors
  Flight safety and accidents.
   Aero medical evacuation.
  Man-machine, human information processing and ergonomics

Airports, Air Traffic Control– occupational aviation medicine issues


Current problems and research in aviation, space and environmental medicine. 

  Advanced methods and technologies in aeronautics and  aerospace medicine. 
   What was Accomplished?