Exercise Phoenix - June 18th. 2004

Comm. Officer - Col. Andrew T. ADAM von RHÉDEY, COSC SEAG 


Director General - International Green Cross Organization



Exercise Phoenix Task Force  
Comm. Officer -  Col. Mikulas Prokop, LVN KE
Dep. Comm. Officer - LtCol. Jozef Vasil, LVN KE
Coordinators - Exercise Phoenix
Chief - LtCol. Ladislav Molnar, LVN KE
1st. Deputy -  LtCol. Oliver Dzvonik, LVN KE
2nd. Deputy -  LtCol. Peter Mayer, LVN KE
3rd. Deputy - Capt. Peter Lences, LVN KE
4th. Deputy - Capt. Miroslav Gbur, LVN KE 
Adjudicators - Exercise Phoenix
Chief  -  BG Ronald S. Mangum, US Army SF
1st. Deputy - LtCol. Alex Morrison, CND Army  
2nd. Deputy - LtCol.   Davis, US Air Force  
3rd. Deputy - Lt. David Swan, CND Navy  
4th. Deputy - Dr. Friedrich Schuberth, LHW Austria
Hospitals are not the only medical facilities preparing for terrorist attacks. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other organizations such as the Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute have plans and are re-examining issues. All agencies in their publications seem to agree that knowledge and training is the key.

We have to meet and respond to any terrorism threats or actions. Hospital security, in relation to the medical community, is more about training then anything else. 


LtCol. Jozef VASIL, MD

Military Medical Air Transport Command

UN Mission - Eritrea 

  IGCO Programs in Slovakia