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The Sources of Funding
BGEN Ronald S. Mangum, US Army - IGCO Board Member; Col. Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey - IGCO Director General;  Lt. Col. Molnar - Director of the Air Force Military Hospital - Kosice; 
Close to two decades of our existence our activities have been supported by great number of governmental, NGO and private corporations. Many of them contributed to IGCO by a direct financial support, some provided fund for administration and travel expenses, and others gave their valuable time and energy to train our staff and volunteers. Following list is only a small fraction of our patrons and sponsors.    
Dr. Andrej Bega MD - Chief Provincial Medical Officer  and LTC. Fredrik S. Michelet - Norwegian military representative to NATO and the UN. 
Governmental Sponsors 
Province of Nova Scotia; N.S. Department of Justice, N.S. Office of the Attorney General and N.S. Policing Services; Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) "H" Division; RCMP Cole Harbour Detachment; RCMP Lover Sackville Detachment; RCMP Wolfville Detachment; RCMP Musquodoboit Harbour Detachment; RCMP Sheet Harbour Detachment; Halifax City Police / Halifax Regional Police; Nova Scotia Halifax Police Association;  Minnesota Secretary of State; City of Saint Paul -  Minnesota; Saint Paul City Police Department - Minnesota; and others. 

ASHOKA, Saint John Ambulance - Nova Scotia Council; Transparency International Slovakia, NPOA Funding, Government of Slovakia, Zilina State District Office, U.S. Embassy, Canadian Embassy, British Embassy, Royal Nederland Embassy, City of Skalica, City of Senica, City of Levice, City of Sered, City of Pieštany, City of Stará Turá City of Šala, City of Martin, City of Cadca, City of Dolný Kubín, City of Námestovo, City of Liptovský Mikuláš, City of Vysoké Tatry, City of Kežmarok, City of Bardejov, City of Giraltovce, City of Svidník, City of Vranov nad Toplou, City of Filakovo, City of Rimavská Sobota, City of Tornala, Town of Medzev, City of Košice, City of Detva, City of Poprad, City of Prešov, City of Holíc, City of Brezova, Town of Gbely, Town of Secu.

Constable Upshaw - Halifax PD - Blue Thunder and Chief Jozef Belicky - Sala City Police Dept. - Commandery of Slovakia.   
Corporate Sponsors 
Canadian Television Network (CTV), Air Canada, World-Wide Trading Company of Canada, Gauvreau School of Performing Arts, Duslo Sala, Process Control Systems, and others.  
Director General 
Today we are at the threshold of a major change in our society. We must ask ourselves a realistic question; What is more important to our society, to protect one person from the evil of the crime or to accuse forty people before the courts? 

Lt. Col. Jascur, MD - Air Force Military Hospital - Kosice;  Col. Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey - IGCO Director General; Dr. Andrej Bega MD - Chief Provincial Medical Officer - discussing aspect of the IGCO  international program at the Conference in Vienna   
To find the answer to this simple question in a post communist country, where policing was part of the political doctrine, it is more than just a theoretical exercise. 

We believe that Crime Prevention is the responsibility of every citizen. First of all, our organization provides the forum for the parents and their children to address those issues together. Secondly, we provide crime prevention training for parents, educators, law enforcement personnel, legislators, and the general public in hope that they will utilize this knowledge in their communities. And thirdly, our Program Coordinators and Crime Prevention Practitioners, organize and supervise our volunteers trough their crime prevention activities and fundraising. 

IGCO - JPV Cadet Ladislav Ladanyi receiving his Commendation from Deputy Chief Boudreau and Inspector Meisner of the Halifax City Police.     

The most valuable resource that every community has is it's children. It is the responsibility of all of us to provide our children with knowledge, support and trust so they can attain their dreams and become responsible members of our global society. This is the reason why GC-JPV members so proudly display on their uniform shoulder patch: "KEEP YOUR DREAM ALIVE". 

Pear programs are effective way to establish a trust between the youth and adults, and the youth itself.   

War Against Corruption
Since the mid-1990s, the issue of corruption has gained a prominent place on the global agenda. International organizations, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the UN, have adopted conventions requiring that their members enact laws prohibiting bribery and extortion. International financial agencies, notably the World Bank, have announced programs aimed at ensuring fair and open contracting for their projects and stopping misappropriation by government officials. Most nations have enacted some type of anticorruption law. International business groups have promulgated model codes of behavior, and multinational corporations (MNCs) now claim to be implementing antibribery programs. The international media report instances of corruption in high places virtually every day (often at great risk). Read more ...

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