Constitutional Commandery of Slovakia - Carpathia and it's Sub-jurisdictions 
The constitutional alliance of legally constituted Jurisdictions within Central European Region of Carpathia of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, who found themselves effected by the 2004 Schism, believe that the 2004 Schism threatened the proper and legal administration of the Order in many jurisdictions, compromised many members of the Order, and in some cases damaged the good work of many other Jurisdictions. 

However, the legal Constitution of the Order of Saint Lazarus and the Constitution of the Commandery of Slovakia and its sub-jurisdictions, provides us with legal means to protect our Postulants, Members and our Programs from unscrupulous people and their actions until such time when we believe that such thread is no longer.

As well, the Commandery of Slovakia wish to point out that there is no connection "whatsoever" between the Constitutional Commandery of Slovakia and so called "Grand Priory of Slovakia", or its members, or any other group masquerading under the banner of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem within the territory of the Republic of Slovakia. 

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State Regulations regarding Registry of the Commandery of Slovakia 
Introduction to the Order of Saint Lazarus.

        Throughout the Middle Ages the Order of Saint Lazarus was the only chivalric order that cared for the needs of lepers and the outcasts who roamed the Near East and Europe. In order to defend their hospices and protect the sick from maltreatment the Knights of the Order also assumed a military peacekeeping role. During the Crusades this Military - Hospitaller force well received and quickly recognized under the Green Cross banner. 
During 13th century, the Order of Saint Lazarus transferred its administration and its activities from Jerusalem to Acre in preparation for the final defense of the Holy Land. After the fall of Acre and the expulsion of all Christians from the Holy Land, the Order moved its headquarters to France, where it came under the protection of the Royal House of France. From there, the Order gradually extended its influence across Europe, establishing numerous leper hospitals in France, Spain, Italy, England. Scotland, Germany, Hungary (Carpathian Basin) and Switzerland. 

During Middle Ages, the Order of Saint Lazarus fulfilled a dual mission. As a military power operated a flotilla of warships in the Mediterranean to protect important sea routes against pirates and marauders.  At the same time, the Hospitallers of Saint Lazarus protected and treated the victims of Europe's most dreaded scourge; the Black Death.  

Citizens of Tournai bury
plague victims. These are
fortunate to have coffins.
Most victims were interred in
mass graves.

The decline in leprosy in the Europe reduced the need for specialized hospices. The 20th century brought new challenges and new opportunities for Christian endeavor and a growing spirit of ecumenism brought a need for Christian unity and relief for the victims of oppression around the world,  poverty, natural disasters and climatic changes.  

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The Order of Saint Lazarus presents in Transcarpathia. 
The Knights of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem within Carpathian Basin dates their history to the beginning of the Crusades itself.  For centuries many noble families of our region provided Crusaders in defense of the Holy Land and Christianity. Slovakia is relatively a new country (1939 -1945 and now since 1993), however, its territory for many centuries was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary and the Austro - Hungarian Empire.  After the fall of the Monarchy in 1918 / 1920, the newly created state of  Czechoslovakia created many imposing laws that prohibited membership in Monarchial or Noble institutions, including Knightly Orders. The post World War II creation of the second Czechoslovakian Republic (1948) led the country into communism. The communist political establishment was even more draconian, than its predecessor, towards Chivalric organizations. 
Return of the Order of Saint Lazarus to Carpathian Region of Europe, and the creation of the Commandery of Slovakia in 1990, 1991, and our activities in the area since. 
On November 5th. 1984, Commander Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey was admitted into the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem - Hereditary Commandery of Lochore, Scotland, and under the guidance of H.E. Captain the Chev. Richard Mingo Sweeney GCLJ (J), the establishment of the future jurisdiction for Slovakia was put in place in a small Nova Scotia town of Pictou; the home of the Hereditary Commandery of Holy Trinity, Canada. 
Six years later, a global events, especially the breakdown of communist regime in Eastern Europe, presented an appropriate opportunity to establish the Slovakian Jurisdiction. Commander Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey returned from Canada to his native Slovakia. 
However, several years before 1989, on the recommendation from His Excellency Lieutenant (ret.), Royal Hungarian Hussars, Chevalier vitéz Dr. BÉLA DE KÉSZDY VÁSÁRHELYI DE KÉZD; Knight Grand Cross of Justice with Collar of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM); Knight of the Order of Saint Constantine of Naples; Grand Registrar emeritus of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, Grand Prior of the Priory (MHOSLJ) of Hungary in Exile; Former Member of the International Commission of Orders of Chivalry, a certain steps were put in motion to reactivate  the Order of Saint Lazarus in Central Eastern Europe, especially in Slovakia and Transylvania.  In fact the idea was coined out during the Magisterial Meeting in Washington, D.C., USA, in 1984 between H.E. Captain the Chev. Richard Mingo Sweeney of Bolger's Park - Commander of the Hereditary Commandery of the Holy Trinity, Nova Scotia, Canada; H.E. Lt. Col. George Robert Gayre of Gayre and Nigg - Chief of the Clan Gayre - Grand Commander of the Order of Saint Lazarus, in a private meeting with the Grand Master of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus Jerusalem (1972-1995), H.H. Prince Francisco de Paula Henri de Bourbon y de Bourbon, Duke of Seville, Grandee of Spain, at the Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C. 
The creation of the Commandery of Slovakia took place in 1991 and it wasn’t without any opposition. There was an old "communist guard", and there was a "new guard". One defending their past and the second believing that they were the only road to "democracy". The members of the Order were seen as a threat by both, and both saw the Order as a defender of traditional Christian values.  And that was viewed unacceptable to the both sides.
Soon after the Commandery of Slovakia was established, on June 6. 1991, the  "Hospitaller Servis sv. Lazara" (Hospitaller Service of Saint Lazarus) was registered by the Slovakian Ministry of Interior. This was one of the first organizations of this type registered in post communist Slovakia. The fact is, the law (zakon c. 83/1990 Zb.) under which provision Hospitaller Service of Saint Lazarus was registered in Slovakia was in effect only few months. Prior to that, the activities of Chivalric institutions in this country was prohibited and punishable under heavy penalty of imprisonment. IGCO - Hospitaller Services Website 
    The Commandery of Slovakia was created by the 46th. Grand Master of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, H.H. Don Francisco Bourbon de Bourbon, Duke of Seville, Grande of Spain. The Appointment of Chev. Andrew T. Adam von Rhédey to the position of the First Commander of the Slovakian Commandery was also indorsed by the Spiritual Protectors of the Order, His Eminence Cardinal Silvio Oddi, and H.B. Maximos V. Hakim Patriarch of Jerusalem

 d  H.H. Don Francisco Bourbon de Bourbon ...

IGCO activities in Central Eastern Europe. 
It took additional nine (9) years before a more specific registration of our activities could be put in place in Slovakia. On September 22nd. 2000, the Slovakian Ministry of Interior, with an approval of the Slovakian Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted a  permission to the Canadian / USA registered International Green Cross Organization (IGCO), to operate in Slovakia a wide range of Hospitaller Programs. The IGCO programs are administered by a full-time and volunteer staff. The Headquarters of the IGCO is Hlavná 6, City of Kosice. The IGCO also have eleven First Aid and CPR Instructors. The entire program is overseen by the IGCO Joint International Executive Board made of the various Members of the Order of Saint Lazarus from various jurisdictions. 
Green Cross - Junior Police Venturers.  
  We believe that our most successful program in Slovakia was the GC-JPV IGCO - Civil Society and Crime Prevention Website. Over the span of five (5) years our volunteers and professional staff delivered several Crime Prevention Program to over 400.000 Slovakian youth. The most memorable highlights of this pear program was the Blue Thunder Tour of Slovakia. The five concerts performed by the members of the Halifax Police rock-and-roll band Blue Thunder. 

The concert tour was recorder and taped by the Canada's largest private television network CTV. On the demand from the Canadian / U.S. public the program was rebrotcasted several times. 

The basis of the program is to deliver variety of crime prevention programs to youth, and to the general public, trough pear volunteers in conjunction with local police forces, especially those who subscribe to community policing and civil society ideas. 

2004 Grand Magistrate Meeting in Holland.  Group photo with the H.H. Don Francisco de Borbon y Escasany, 5th Duke of Seville and Grandee of Spain, 48th Grand Master of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. 
The Mission of the Commandery of Slovakia, it's Sub-jurisdictions and the IGCO is to first-of-all deliver training and other healthcare programs to the public in hope to prevent and relieve sickness and injuries and to enhance the health and well-being of people of all races and creeds world-wide. 

The issue of  Nobility and Heraldry  within the Commandery of Slovakia,  it's Sub-jurisdictions, and the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. 


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