The International Green Cross Organization - IGCO
The International Green Cross Organization is an international primary (First Aid) training and relief organization with its Headquarters located on Hlavna 6, City of Kosice, Slovakia.  Organization was created in 1990, initially to meet the changing needs in countries of Central Eastern European during the political and social transformation process from communism to a democracy.  Today IGCO volunteers and professionals are providing their services in many jurisdictions around the world.  
Today, air, marine and ground Search And Rescue (SAR), professional and volunteer groups, play a critical role in IGCO's SAR Command and International Relief Services. Although volunteers do not receive payment for their time, these specialists work alongside the Military, Coast Guard, Police, Fire Departments and Emergency Measures Organizations on SAR missions.
While some volunteer duties require previous training or qualifications (e.g. as a pilot or boat operators), most that IGCO require is only enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn. In addition to "front line" roles, volunteer SAR organizations also rely heavily on the talents of those who specialize in administration, communications, maintenance, equipment repair and fundraising.

Volunteering provides an excellent opportunity to receive hands-on training and learn more about search and rescue, while serving their community. For insurance purposes, many volunteer organizations require their members to be at least 18 years of age, but there are some exceptions. 



17, March 2007 - Official visit to Krosno, Poland.  Members of the Krosno Regional Green Cross Volunteer Group and the IGCO visiting delegation.  Front row - left to right; Chev. Josef TARKANYI von TARKANY, KStJ;  Chaplain O. Grzegorz Przemyslaw Badziąg von Bormann OFM Cap.; H.H. Chev. Krzysztof Konstanty Prince Radziwil, GCLJ, Knight of Order St. Brigit, IGCO International Board Member and IGCO Executive Director for Poland; H.E. Hon. Col. Chev. Andrew T. ADAM von RHEDEY, GCLJ, Knight of Order St. Brigit, IGCO International Director General;  Roman ZIMKA, Chevalier of the Order of Saint Sylvester;  Dame Johanna TURCSANYI von TURCSANY, DLJ, IGCO Executive Director for Slovakia.
Past IGCO Initiatives  
- First Aid Training Venture in Canada - Slovakian Contingence         
- First Aid Training Venture in Canada - Polish Contingence      
- JPV Training Venture in Halifax - Slovakian Youth Contingence No. 1   
- JPV Training Venture in Halifax - Slovakian Youth Contingence No. 2 
- JPV Training Venture in Sudbury - Slovakian Youth Contingence 
- JPV Training Vent
- Halifax City Police - Blue Thunder Crime Prevention Tour of Slovakia 
- JPV Training Vent
- JPV Training Vent
- International Forum on Disaster Medicine
- Conference on Public and Community Healthcare Alternative for CEE    
- International Conference on Aerospace Medicine 
- Exercise Phoenix 
- Malta - 2005
- Malta - 2006
News Letters from our Maltese Confreres
Newsletter No.: 1 - 2007
Newsletter No.: 2 - 2007
Newsletter No.: 3 - 2007
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