Preceptory of Klemberg (Sub-Commandery of Klenov) 
View of the village of Klenov (Klemberg) 
The Greek-Catholic (G.C.) Church of Holy Virgin build in 1742   
List of the Priests who served the people of Klemberg
Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Period  
Franciscus HANCSKOVSZKY 1730 - 1758  G,C.
Michael KUBEC 1758 - ?       G.C.
Basilius LADIZINSZKY 1800 - 1817  G.C.
Josephus JAREMBINSZKY 1817 - 1825  G.C.
Michael UJHELYI  1825 - 1867  G.C.
Andreas ADZIMA  1869 - 1895  G.C.
Antonius CSABINAK  1895 - 1900  G.C.
Gyula ZAPOTOCKY  1900 - 1901  G.C.
Nicolaus PETRIK  1901 - 1910  G.C.
Adalbert SALAMON  1910 - 1918  G.C.
WW I. Period   
Teodor SEDLAK  1918 - for 6 months  G.C.
First Czechoslovak Republic, Slovak State, WW II., Second Republic and the Communist Totalitarian period 
Josephus ZORVAN (Karpaty)  1918 - 1953  G.C.
Lonard BUDAJ  1956 - 1960  Russ. Orth.
Alfonz BOCKO  1964 - 1968  G.C.
1968 Soviet / Warsaw Pact Countries Invasion of Czechoslovakia 
Eugen KOCIS  13.6.1968 - 30.6.1969 G.C.
Pavel KOMPER  01.7.1969 -                G.C.
Location and the History of Klemberg  

The Preceptory and the village of Klemberg (Klenov) is located in the Black Mountain Valley of the southwestern region of the Saros County, only 20 Km southwest from the city of Eperies (Presov), and 25 Km northwest of the city of Kassa (Kosice). 

Already in the 12th century the village and the region of Klenov (Klemberg) was a part of the Aba's Lordship of Somos (Village of Somos / now Drienov). While the seat of the Lords of Somos was located 14 Km east of Klemberg, the most of the land within the county of Saros and County of Aba was a part of the Clan Aba domain. 

Today the land is a part of the Agricultural Coop which was established in 1948, when people of Klenov refused the nationalization of their land by the communist state. After fall of communism in 1989, people of the village became benefactors of the land. 

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