During past several years many people may have observed a great western middleclass phenomenon, especially in U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zeeland, Great Britain, Germany and Italy, and other countries as well, where even reputable individuals were and are buying into various bogus "titles of nobility", bogus "knightly Orders", and "Diplomatic Passports". 

A great deal of time has past since I myself was introduction into the world of Chivalry. I would like to say that in some cases even my wildest imagination could not prepare me for the 40 years of my life in association with this bizarre "knightly" world. During this period I met many credible people who believed that their membership was in legitimate Orders of  Knighthood. These same people believed that for them this was a step-up into the world of Christian chivalry and social prestige. Eventually for majority of these people, including myself, this world became an exposure into the world of intrigues, nightmares and embarrassments. As well, for many of us during this period we came into a very  close contact with most dubious people on this planet. I am speaking about the people who have no moral or ethical conscious to deceive others in a making them believe that their are becoming members of the legitimate Orders of Knighthood. Many people excepted these invitations on a good fate and believed that they are become members of an elite historical society who's objectives was, and is, to do good. However, the bitter truth is that also a  greater number of people who seek this world of deception do so knowingly in attempt to further deceive others by presenting their bogus social importance as real. 

While most of my life I lived in monarchial Canada exposed to real orders of chivalry, including my own affiliation with The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, nothing prepared me for Chinese Hospitallers, Japanese Templars, Korean Crusaders of the Holy Cross and the African knights of every possible "bogus Order" under the sun. However, nothing come even close to my encounter with the "post communist knights" of Central and Eastern Europe. 

The following stories could be of interest to some of you. And not only because these stories  are "only interesting", but also because these stories speak of events which are also extremely dangerous to the democratic political processes in these same countries. The originators and the members in these various bogus Orders on many occasions use their shining decorations and well staged photo opportunities to deceive uninformed and ageing  religious electorate in making them to believe that they, the men and the women in these "Knightly Orders", are virtues and pies, and that their "religious and charitable commitment to humanity" will be also applied by them when elected into public offices.    

One year after I returned from Canada to my favorite city in Eastern Carpathia I was visited by a man who introduced himself as a spokesman for high government group who was interested to acquire a some sort of "license, or a franchise" to a "Knightly Order of Saint Lazarus". The man pointed out to me: "We don't wont a big territory. Only for Bratislava".  With open mouth I listen the "spokesman".  After I came to my senses I asked him: Why do you wont to do this? The answer was: "Well, our group already have a Chateau in  Slovakia. We even have the antique furniture and old paintings.  Now, we need is to be knighted". 

Three years later the group found a "Diplomatic" facilitator and promoter from Austria who made their dream come true. Today in Slovakia we have several groups who claim to be members of the legitimate historical Order of Saint Lazarus. 

When I tell this story to my friends, most of them tell me that I was stupid not to sale them some sort of a paper and than retire to Hawaii. 

The following reports are only a small fraction of what is actually going on in the world of "Knights and Dragons", and not only in Central Eastern Europe, but worldwide. 

Post Communist Europe has become a paradise for fake orders of knighthood.

Lets call it  "Les Bourgeois Gentilhommes"
What is it?
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (known as The Bourgeois Gentleman or The Middle-Class Gentleman) is a five-act comédie-ballet—a ballet interrupted by spoken dialogue—by Molière, first presented on October 14, 1670 before the court of Louis XIV. 

Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme satirizes attempts at social climbing, poking fun both at the vulgar, pretentious middle-class and the vain, snobbish aristocracy.

The play takes place entirely at Jourdain's house in Paris. Jourdain is a middle-aged bourgeois whose father grew rich as a cloth-merchant. The rather foolish Jourdain now has one aim in life—to rise above this middle-class background and be accepted as an aristocratic gentleman. To this end, he orders splendid new clothes (and is naively delighted when the tailor's boy mockingly addresses him as "my Lord") and applies himself to learning the gentlemanly arts of fencing, dancing, music and philosophy, despite his age; in doing so he continually manages to make a fool of himself, to the disgust of his hired teachers. Most famously, his philosophy lesson degenerates into a basic lesson on language in which he is surprised and delighted to learn that he has been speaking prose all his life without knowing it. Etc. 

Today there are over 32 organizations that pretend to be a (1), (2), Sovereign Military Order of Malta, or the Knights Hospitaller. There are approximately 9 organizations that claim affiliation to a legitimate historical (3), Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem; etc. 
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