Preceptory of Cistercian Abbey of St. Severin - Bavaria

Ever faithful to the Rule of St. Benedict we strive for 
loving relations with all Christians. If our Lord could stretch out his arms on the cross to all who might come, we believe that we are called to gather all his children around the altar. Correspondingly, our altars are open to all--Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant -- who desire to feed on the true Breadof Heaven.

+Abt Klaus Schlapps OPR, SChLJ-J

Cistercian Brothers  
The Order of Cistercians, sometimes called the White Monks (from the colour of the habit, over which a black scupullar or apron is sometimes worn) is a Christian religious order of monks. The first Cistercian abbey was founded by Robert of Molesme in 1098, at Citeaux Abbey near Dijon, France. Two others, Saint Alberic of Citeaux and Saint Stephen Harding, are considered co-founders of the order, and Bernard of Clairvaux is associated with the fast spread of the order during the 12th century.

The keynote of Cistercian life was a return to literal observance of the Rule of St. Benedict. Rejecting the developments the Benedictines had undergone, the monks tried to reproduce life exactly as it had been in Saint Benedict's time; indeed in various points they went beyond it in austerity. The most striking feature in the reform was the return to manual labour, especially field-work, a special characteristic of Cistercian life. The Cistercians became the main force of technological diffusion in medieval Europe.

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IGCO International Relief Headquarters


IGCO International Relief Initiatives are large the responsibility of the IGCO Relief  Director, the Preceptor of the Preceptory of the Cistercian Abbey of Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, His Grace Dom. Klaus SCHLAPPS, OPR, SChLJ-J, Commander of the  Commandery of Klausenburg - Transylvania (Siebenburgen). 
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